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Lifetime Warranty

Jewelry By Alexis is committed to providing you, our valued clients, with the best service possible. Our main goal is to satisfy you and make your online buying experience as pleasant as possible. We understand that purchasing merchandise over the Internet is confusing and sometimes scary, especially when large amounts of money are involved. We also understand that buying an engagement ring or any fine jewelry is an emotional purchase which will have sentimental feelings attached to them for years to come. With this in mind, we have set forth the following guarantees:

• All of the diamonds we sale are guaranteed to be authentic.
• All of our merchandise is sold NEW. We do not sell used or estate jewelry.
• Our client's privacy is very important. We guarantee that NO information collected by us will be distributed.
• We guarantee your satisfaction.
• Custom designed rings that we altered or personally made according to your designs are NOT returnable. They are your designs, your tastes, and your ideal of a particular ring. To find a buyer for your ideal ring would be impossible.
• Due to the nature of our business, we do not warranty against lost center diamonds. We do warranty the side diamonds.
• Jewelry By Alexis will repair the items if:
1. Metal cracks under normal wear.
2. Side Diamonds fall out. Please remember, the diamonds must be re tighten annually due to normal everyday use. We suggest that you have your items professionally cleaned and rechecked on a yearly basis.
3. Any miscellaneous cracks or wear marks that are out of the ordinary.
• The aforementioned circumstances will be repaired with no labor charges. You will be responsible for materials, if applicable, and re-shipping.
• If you have further questions, you can call us directly at (732) 401-0333

All our products are covered by a limited lifetime guarantee against any manufacturers defect. We strive on perfection to create beautiful works of art and therefore guarantee their workmanship. As with any delicate artistic creations, care must be taken to insure years of enjoyment., We suggest that you have your pieces professionally cleaned and all the prongs rechecked at least once a year to ensure their integrity from daily wear. However, because of daily wear, stones may become loose over time and become dislodged. In the unlikely event that this happens, the lifetime warranty will cover the labor and material repair of the merchandise by Jewelry By Alexis. If a stone does fall out and you have the stone, we will repair the item free of charge, but you are responsible for the shipping fees to us. If a stone falls out and you completely lose it, you are not responsible for the cost of the new stone. The stone will be replaced free of charge. You only pay the shipping cost. The labor services are free and covered by our lifetime warranty. All warranties are voided if the item has been worked on (eg. sized, repaired, setting adjustments, ring modifications, engraving) by another jeweler other than Jewelry By Alexis.